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Mission: MedicalWorks' objective is to create a high-growth corporation while contributing to society.

We are seeking investment to create teHealth games for telehealth, internet, and mobile platforms.


Highlight: Between 1995 to 2005, Cheryl Kelmar, founder

of MedicalWorks wrote, won & managed 4 Small Business

Innovative Research grants, Phase I and II, for the 

National Institutes of Health  


The NIH grants were used to develop and evaluate a game,

called Mind & Mayhem & an on-line community, called

Buddies OnLine for youth smoking cessation. The efficacy trails

were conducted around the country with 1000 youth with a quit

rate of 26%

MedicalWorks is located in Santa Barbara, California



Founder: Kelmar MSEE & JD

  • Masters in Computer & Biomedical engineering from the University of California

  • Bachelors in Computer & Electrical engineering from Western Michigan University.

  • Law degree from Concord Law School                                 




Santa Barbara, CA, SEO, proposals, training, documentation mobile, API, AdverGame, Social Media


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