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Advergaming is an ingenious method for minimizing ad fatigue. It is an ad in the form of a game to allow companies to promote their products and increase brand awareness as a result of users enjoying and talking about their game experience, and consequently about the products advertised.

MedicalWorks created interactive training tutorials for American Lung Association facilitators and youth participants as part of an efficacy trail for a NIH funded project for youth smoking cessation games  


  • Interactive Manuals

  • Educational Web Sites

  • Curriculum Based Training

  • Learning Management Systems 

  • and more

Kelmar Santa Barbara CA Technical Writing SEO
Kelmar Santa Barbara CA Technical Writing SEO
Cheryl Kelmar, founder of MedicalWorks created an interactive educational and animated, software program for Dr. Bruce Lipshutz, at UCSB; to teach undergraduate Chemistry students about Organic Chemistry.


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